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Where are you? Lost & Found Psychic Readings... my home on the web. My name is Linda Dalton, and I am an authentic psychic counselor. Currently, I am on sabbatical.

Why are you here? First, realize that people seek psychic readings, or psychic counseling, for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it's a specific burning question, sometimes you feel like you are missing something, or maybe you just feel lost. An experienced psychic counselor can help you find your way, often giving you insights a conventional counselor cannot.

Second, consider that there are no accidents - you have come here for a reason. And while I am no longer offering psychic readings at this time, I encourage you to read the articles here on psychics, psychic abilities, and tarot card meanings, or even try an automated free tarot reading based on the principle of synchronicity. Feel free to get what you can out of these resources.

How are my psychic readings different from other psychic mediums? For starters, I don't believe in ambiguous answers. I keep my advice focused and down-to-earth. I listen to you carefully, and draw on spiritual resources to give you the unique practical guidance you need in a straightforward manner. And regardless of which psychic you consult, you should expect the same.

Why not investigate further? I invite you to take a look at my credentials as a psychic medium, (found on my biography page), my statement of ethics, as well as comments from those who value the service I provide. I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey.

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Linda Dalton is an authentic psychic medium with a focus on spiritual insight and practical advice.

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