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August 27, 2005

Ghosts 101 – Part 2

To continue from last week, I wanted to take a closer look at the second type of ghost and those who interact with them.

The second type of spirit I referred to last week actually seeks interaction with living beings. These beings were unprepared for death. They may have died violently, or too young, or with unfinished business to take care of. This does not mean that everyone who passes unexpectedly will stick around to fix things later. There is a time frame at death where the spirit can pass easily to the next level but if a spirit chooses not to leave at that time, they can get caught here. Then, in order to move on at a later time, they need a jolt of energy to give them the momentum to make the passage. And during that time period they will seek out living beings with which they can communicate.

There are certain types of psychics who have an ability to easily communicate with spirits. Like the boy in The Sixth Sense or Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, these people are like bonfires of light to the spirit world. Spirits see them glowing in the darkness and rush over to be heard. This can be extremely unsettling to the psychic on the receiving end, especially if they are unaware of their ability or have not had an opportunity to explore and use their gift. So here are a few tips for those who are chosen by ghosts. Remember that as living creatures who have our body and soul together, we can choose to interact or not.

1. Ask if they come from light. If so, then proceed. If not, then send them away. This will eliminate negative energies, or those who would choose to do mischief.

2. Ask them what they want. It seems simple and may not work with some spirits, but if they have something that needs to be said or done, this will give them an opportunity for closure.

I have a friend who went with her sister to visit their great aunt. At one point my friend was upstairs getting ready for bed while her sister used the bathroom in the basement. After quite a while, the sister returned upstairs and my friend asked her what took so long. She said she was having a conversation with their uncle who asked her to pass on some information to their aunt. The uncle had passed away many months earlier. My friend’s sister is a natural conduit to those on the other side.

3. If at any point you become uncomfortable with the interaction, you can tell the spirit to leave. If they come back again later you just tell them to leave again. It is your decision to interact with spirits or not. Spirits can be persistent, but the choice is yours and you can say no.

Most ghostly energy is usually an imprint from an earlier time and place, repeating the same dance over and over again. For those spirits who need help crossing over, we are literally a lifeline to the next level of existence.

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August 18, 2005

Ghosts 101

There seem to be two basic types of ghosts out there. The first one is more like an energy impression than a true trapped soul, while the second type is an actual spirit looking to find peace.

A good example of the first type is the monks at Westminster Abbey. When these monks were alive, the floor of the Abbey was about a foot lower than it is currently. So when they are seen today, the monks appear to be wading through the floor at about mid-calf level. These ghosts are walking on the floor, as it existed hundreds of years ago. These types of apparitions typically do not have any awareness of us and do not interact with the living in any way. In cases like this, the space between our world and the spirit world is thin and we are actually catching a glimpse of what was. It would be like looking at a painting of the place from that time period, except the images in the painting would be moving. The images are caught in a time loop where they appear at the same spot and follow the same routine over and over again.

The second type of ghost is more involved with our world. These spirits died unprepared to go to the next level and are looking for assistance from us. In a previous blog I wrote about Eddie, the ghost in my house when I was growing up. He is a fair example of this type of spirit. His energy was trapped in the house, waiting for attention and assistance until I came on the scene. In this case, recognizing him and interacting with him allowed Eddie to gather the energy he needed to make the transition to the next world. When a spirit dies and is unwilling to leave, that initial energy dissipates leaving them unable to cross over at a later time. Sometimes that’s all they need, an energy boost to send them on the way, and that is the basis for what ghost workers do. They give the spirit enough energy (just the same way energy is used to heal) to allow them to move on into the light

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August 11, 2005

Creatures of Magic

Occasionally I get an email that prompts me to write a blog entry. This time I received a note from a young man who is just experiencing the beginnings of "psychic-ness". These things often start with little leaps ahead into the very near future, it's almost like your psychic mind is jumping ahead a bit and then bringing little bits of information back to you.

The same things happened to me when I first started to realize I might be psychic. I would be singing a song and then it would come on the radio. I would think about a person then I would bump into them. One time I even caught the scent of a person I had only recently met and then later...there he was!

The important things to remember when these things happen are that:

1. This is all normal. Everyone has some degree of sixth sense, whether or not they choose to recognize and develop it.

2. Start to be aware of these incidents and learn to trust the information you receive. Just like with everything in life, the more you practice the better you get. Try doing it on purpose instead of waiting for it to happen. But don't be disappointed if it doesn't work all of the time; just keep practicing. And give thanks to God, Spirit, (whatever you choose to call a higher being) for assistance and guidance in your development.

3. Most importantly, don't let all of this overwhelm you and start to define you. You don't have to suddenly become "The Psychic." This is just another aspect to you as a whole person, so don't stop doing all of the other things you do.

As I have said before, these abilities are all part of who we are as human beings. We are not just combinations of chemicals and molecules, but also creatures of magic and wonder.

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August 04, 2005

The Library

Let’s hear it for the library! What a wonderful place! You can find nearly anything at the library and they have wonderful people to help you in that task.

When we were in school, Vanessa and I used to meet at the library for a fun Saturday afternoon. Okay, we were nerds…weird, psychic nerds! She lived at one end of town and I lived at the other and the Mary Cheney Library was right in the middle. We haunted the 133 Dewey decimal section (Paranormal and Occult books) until we knew most of the books in that area by heart.

One afternoon as we perused the Occult books we noticed the scent of Lily of the Valley perfume all around us. No one else was in that area of the library and the shelves around us were empty. As we moved through the stacks, the sweet smell followed us. We never felt frightened but we were constantly aware of the scent – almost as if there was a bubble of the stuff surrounding us. And, although it was still with us, as we moved away from the Occult section the smell got fainter. And when we moved back to the 133’s the smell got stronger. Vanessa and I always thought of it as a sign that we were in the right place to find the information we needed. Maybe the scent of a former librarian guiding our way! For many months afterward, every time we went into the occult books section Lily of the Valley went with us.

To this day, I am an avid supporter of our libraries and the mysteries to which only they hold the keys!

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