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March 19, 2006

Two Questions

Here are two questions that I get asked on a regular basis:

What is the job of a psychic?

I see my job as a psychic as that of a counselor. Using my abilities I can assist people through difficult transitions, see possible outcomes to interpersonal situations and, on occasion, find missing objects or people. However, most of the time my job is to help my clients develop further on their spiritual paths so they can see their own possibilities and solutions without my help. The idea is that each individual has a connection to Spirit and the stronger that connection is, the better they are at finding their own answers. So, like a counselor, eventually my clients will only need my assistance when events become confusing or their connection to a situation is too close and they need an objective interpretation.

How often do you need to have a reading?

There are two main components that I look at when determining if a client is ready for another reading. The first thing I look at is if there are any time frame indicator cards. These are the cards that represent signs of the zodiac or seasons and can give an idea of when something will happen, or how soon a situation will begin to unfold. Time is a tricky subject when working on a reading because spirit doesn’t move on the same 24/7 system that we use. And sometimes the time frame cards can indicate events or even people instead of a time period. That being said, if I feel a strong indication for a time period or I get several references to a time period, this usually means that the reading will unfold over that period of time. And usually another reading is not indicated until that time frame is fulfilled.

The second things I look at are the situational indicator cards that occur in a reading. These are the cards that relate to events or personal growth factors that need to transpire before the reading can be considered completed. The tricky area here is that events do not flow in a linear, predictable pattern, and there are often steps forward and backward along the path. These times can be confusing and often lead people to feel they need a new reading altogether, when usually all we need to do is take another look at the original reading in light of this new bump in the road. There are occasions when an event occurs that takes a person by surprise or on a completely different path. At times like these they might want to have a new reading to look for direction on this very different subject.

So to sum up, as many of you know I like to do ;) I am here to guide and assist in whatever way I can, but ultimately I’m here to help you help yourself.

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