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May 21, 2006

Connections to the Dead

It is a driving force in all of us to want to stay connected to those loved ones who have passed away. This need sometimes compels us to attempt to make contact with our loved ones through séances, mediums, tarot, or any other way we can.

There have been occasions where I have been able to connect to the spiritual energies of the dead in order to help them with something. Usually it’s if they have gone missing and need their bodies to be found, or if they are stuck in this plane and need help moving on.

There is a difference between trying to help those who have passed and attempting contact for the living mourners. The problem with that is that once they have passed on they are no longer a part of this world and it holds back their progress if we attempt to keep pulling them back.

It is important to remember that they love us too, and do not necessarily want to leave us either, so our grief and pain pulls them back to us, at their own expense. Those we love will never be far from us and it is our love for them that gives them the strength to go forward.

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May 06, 2006

Psychic Growth

I was recently asked about when psychic abilities develop and if they are related to events that happen in one’s life, like death or trauma.

I don't think that events in a life necessarily make that big a difference. But I do think that there are "growth" spurts in this area just like there are growth and change spurts in your physical body. It seems that quite a few people begin to notice psychic abilities coming forward when they reach puberty and as they grow in their personal lives, these abilities can grow and develop also.

It also seems (at least in my experiences) that you reach stages in your development, especially if you are consciously trying to develop these areas, where you reach a plateau and stay at one place for a while. Then at some point or through some test or study or practice or really is a mystery and can be different with each suddenly find yourself at a new level of awareness. I guess the lesson is that you don't want to take it for granted, but you also don't want to let it consume your life or define you as an individual.

Posted by Linda Dalton at 09:34 AM | Comments (13)

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