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July 10, 2006

Growth and Change

I have found that most of the questions I get asked concern periods of change that happen in life. Whether the change involves a relationship, a career or a spiritual pattern, they are all about change. Why is this? Most people fear and avoid change. They want things to remain at a certain comfort level and they want a sense of place and security in their lives. The chaos that can accompany change is not comfortable and leaves one in a state of limbo for a brief moment while the changes are occurring. A friend of mine put it well when she said; “People don’t do well with change, just look at the freeway interchanges in L.A.”

However, change is necessary in order for us to evolve as beings. We reach certain levels in our personal growth where we have gone as far as we can at that level and in order to continue on our path we need to move to the next level. This is the way it is in everything we undertake. We study, learn and comprehend then we move on to the next level and continue the process.

Change is chaotic, occasionally; uncomfortable, usually; necessary; always. But the more resistant you are to the change, the more difficult that change process can be. So embrace those moments of change and understand that they are part of the path we are all on toward becoming more aware and enlightened individuals.

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