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April 16, 2006


Changes occur in everyone’s life, including yours truly. Life gets complicated, busy and time consuming and you find there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. The best solution to this is to simplify and slow down a bit and that is what I have decided to do.

I have two loves in my life. The first and most important is my family, and the second (and also very important) is the work I do. In order to maintain my equilibrium and give my best to each, I need to cut back a bit on the latter. I will continue writing a monthly blog but will limit my services to email readings only.

I have gained quite a lot by my interactions with people through my website and I appreciate the support I have received. I look forward to continuing this interaction, but at a more manageable pace.

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February 28, 2006


Sorry I have been away for a while, but life is transitions! We are in the process of preparing for our son to go off to college and if that’s not a life transition, nothing is. It brings up all of the concerns and worries that every parent faces. Is my child ready to be on his own? Have we done a good enough job of preparing him for a life away from us? And the really important questions - how is he going to figure out the washing machine and will he be able to boil water for his cup-o-soup!?!

As I said in an earlier entry, being psychic is just another aspect to your personality. It doesn’t give you all the answers and it’s not like you can just “know” what is going to happen at any place or time. It really all comes down to trust. Trust in God, trust in your intuition and trust that life’s path will open a direction for you when you need it. And it doesn’t hurt that cell phones and computers can keep you in touch 24/7!!

This transition also affects our family’s home life in that we are now three at the table instead of four, and in a few short years it will just be me and my husband. This is a good thing! I see my job as a parent to prepare our children to be successful and independent on their own and I think we have done a pretty good job with these two. They will go forth and face transitions of their own and will learn to love and grow in the process – as have we all.

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November 26, 2005


It’s Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful for all that we have and to appreciate the abundance of life all around us. It’s also a time to give thanks to some of the people who have helped us throughout our lives. Today I would like to remember a woman who was the source for my love of reading.

Mrs. Evelyn Ball was the school librarian at my Junior High School, One afternoon when I was in 7th grade I was in the library looking for something to read. At the time I was only interested in horses and science fiction but couldn’t find anything that looked good to me. Mrs. Ball pointed to Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and suggested I give it a try. After reading about Jo and the girls and boys for several books we moved on to Jack London and The Call of the Wild and our friendship grew from there. So today I would like to thank you, Mrs. Ball, wherever you may be, for leading me to literature and the love of good books.

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November 12, 2005


I love this time of year! Between Halloween and the New Year we all have a chance to reflect, renew and rebuild. There is something about the energy in the air as people prepare Thanksgiving dinners, light Hanukah candles and start Christmas shopping. It’s a time for friends and family and connecting to what is important in life. And it is a time to pay our respects to all of the people and events that have led us to this point in our lives.

It is also a time for traditions – keeping old ones and creating new ones. Holiday traditions don’t have to condemn us to the ghosts of the past (with apologies to Dickens.) They are living, fluid concepts that can grow as we do, encompassing all of our spiritual progress. We can pay respectful homage to mom’s turkey dinner and grandma’s manger scene while we add our own personal touches to the season, creating new patterns that will become tradition for our children and their children.

My daughter became interested in ancient Celtic and Wiccan traditions, which led us to incorporate a Yule Log into our holiday celebrations, while my son has taken over the job of handing out presents on Christmas morning. And we joyfully share our holidays with in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, girlfriends, girlfriend’s families, an ex-husband, his wife and all of her family as well. It is a time for generosity of spirit and a respect for all of mankind.

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October 24, 2005


Our Halloween traditions have their roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain. The ancient Celts divided their year into Dark and Light seasons. Beltane on May 1st began the cycle of Light – Spring, Summer, and the planting season, while Samhain on November 1st began the cycle of Dark – Autumn, Winter and the harvest. Samhain was considered to be the beginning of the New Year and during this festival, according to Irish folklore, the barriers between the world of the living and the world of the non-living faded and both worlds were allowed to mingle. A feast was set up to feed and honor the dead, old hearth fires were extinguished and new ones were lit to celebrate the New Year. Our present Halloween celebrations of bonfires and trick-or-treating come from these ancient traditions.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I am of Celtic ancestry, born on Halloween Eve (to which I attributed my pumpkin-colored hair!) so I have always felt the energy of the season in my blood. For me Halloween was a time of wild winds and crisp New England weather, where all barriers were dropped and anything was possible. As a child on that night, I felt the energy of the spirits of the world join with me to celebrate their freedom and take me with them on their journey. That and chocolate, too!! What could be better!?!

So enjoy the wild celebration of Samhain and re-energize yourself for the New Year!

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July 15, 2005

Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter and the new book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is coming out on Saturday. So I’ll be wrapped up at Hogwarts for the next few days, catching up on my favorite wizard. Talk to you all soon!

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