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August 04, 2005

The Library

Let’s hear it for the library! What a wonderful place! You can find nearly anything at the library and they have wonderful people to help you in that task.

When we were in school, Vanessa and I used to meet at the library for a fun Saturday afternoon. Okay, we were nerds…weird, psychic nerds! She lived at one end of town and I lived at the other and the Mary Cheney Library was right in the middle. We haunted the 133 Dewey decimal section (Paranormal and Occult books) until we knew most of the books in that area by heart.

One afternoon as we perused the Occult books we noticed the scent of Lily of the Valley perfume all around us. No one else was in that area of the library and the shelves around us were empty. As we moved through the stacks, the sweet smell followed us. We never felt frightened but we were constantly aware of the scent – almost as if there was a bubble of the stuff surrounding us. And, although it was still with us, as we moved away from the Occult section the smell got fainter. And when we moved back to the 133’s the smell got stronger. Vanessa and I always thought of it as a sign that we were in the right place to find the information we needed. Maybe the scent of a former librarian guiding our way! For many months afterward, every time we went into the occult books section Lily of the Valley went with us.

To this day, I am an avid supporter of our libraries and the mysteries to which only they hold the keys!

Posted by Linda Dalton at August 4, 2005 10:28 PM



I love your library story. I'm just starting my psychic development and its an exciting, as well as scary time but its much easier when you have someone else to share the journey with.

Cant wait to read the rest of your blog!

Lesley x

Posted by: Lesley at August 6, 2005 05:39 AM

Hey, that was a really awesome story. I love going to the section in my library too, although i have never had something like that happen to me. But still, amazing.

Posted by: XXHYPEXX at October 25, 2007 05:18 AM

Did you ever figure out who was the lady following you?

I've had similar experiences happen and always try to figure out who it was (solicit the help of a clairvoyant if needed). Perhaps doing such, in the future, will help you understand some task you are being asked to perform?

Posted by: SunTiger at October 22, 2008 09:34 PM

omg i went to the library at my school 2day. I went to the paranormal section for the first time ever. I thought it smelled like ocean/salt water. I love and miss the beach. I tested the smell even. If i stepped away from the paranormal section it disapeared. It took me a while to figure out why the smell was so familiar though. I am 13 and have decided i want to continue these amazing experiences and use them to help others. I get psychic dreams. I once spoke to a cat through its eyes/mind. And i think i have some kind of psychic sympathy pain thing. not sure though. I want to figure this out more though. If any of you have suggestions plz let me know :) this site is awsome. seriously.

Posted by: Just Figuring This Out at November 20, 2008 04:21 PM

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