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March 24, 2005

Balancing the Spiritual with the Physical

I have a good friend, Tracy Parker, who is an amazing healer. He does a lot of work with cancer patients and others with serious illnesses, using energy fields to create bio-chemical changes at a cellular level. He has recently started teaching classes in Pasadena, California to help other healers work with energy.

There are certain practitioners in this field that he refers to as “airy fairies” who spend their time in the upper chakras, floating along in the beautiful stream of spirit. There is nothing wrong with this, if this is where they want live. But in order to make connections to the material world and actually do healing work, you need to be connected to the earth and very physically grounded. Without this grounding you cannot affect changes on the physical plane and make use of the higher-level information you receive from Guidance.

What I like about Tracy’s classes is that he approaches the subject from a scientific viewpoint, (he has a background in Engineering) while at the same time acknowledging Spirit and God (he is also an ordained minister). One of his objectives in teaching is to take the field from its “airy fairy” perception and bring it to a more practical realm. He teaches how we can, as healers, focus our energy more specifically, using information from Spirit to recognize, visualize and change damaged cell patterns. But to do so requires that we stay completely in our bodies and use our grounding to keep the energy flow strong and constant. What good does it do you to receive information from Spirit if you can’t translate that information into healing energy for your patient? If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend his classes.

Tracy’s wife, Stephanie (one of my best friends!) is an acupuncturist and massage therapist. They often work together, combining their talents and expertise to garner the best results for their patients. Their practice is called Touch Healing. A few years ago they ordered business pens that came back misspelled. Instead of Touch Healing, the pens read Tough Healing! Tough healing…is that like tough love!?!

Posted by Linda Dalton at March 24, 2005 08:53 PM


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