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May 05, 2005

The Psychic Parent

There are times in our lives as parents when we have to deal with unexpected situations and difficulties. These things can take the form of illness, problems at school, peer pressure, college expectations, you name it. Being psychic doesn’t alleviate the worry and concern you feel for your children. If I stop and listen to my inner voice, I can usually see the pattern through to its conclusion, but the emotional being within me still raises its head to be heard.

Embracing and understanding our emotions is a part of being human and as a parent it is necessary to be aware of our own emotions so we can help our kids as they grow and develop. I have lost a mother and a child, and have dealt with that kind of grief. I feel it is our responsibility to teach our children the techniques for coming to grips with their emotions by coming to grip with our own. Even a psychic parent has to learn to balance the fear you have for your children with the ability to let them choose their own paths.

There is a big difference between emotional concerns and obsessive worry. Some psychics feel that emotional detachment is the best way to stay in the stream of spirit, but where does that leave those around us? Although emotional detachment may be less painful, it robs us of the wholeness of our human experience. What is our spiritual quest if not to embrace the richness of humanity and attempt to raise that experience to a higher level? We do the best we can to prepare our children for lives of their own. Then we have to have faith.

Posted by Linda Dalton at May 5, 2005 07:48 PM


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