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Free Will or Destiny in a Psychic Reading

Contrary to popular belief, psychic readings are not all about telling people their future. In fact, my clients usually find it much more useful when a reading helps them to make sense of the present. Nevertheless, it often happens that a glimpse (or sometimes a lot more than a glimpse) of the future will be revealed during a reading. In this case, I am often asked questions like, "Is this future set in stone? Can it be changed?" or "This looks great! Wait, is their any way I can mess it up?"

Basically what these questions all boil down to is: "Is the future predestined, or is it determined by our choices and those of others?"

The answer? It's both.

Of course this sounds like an impossibility, or paradox. Let me explain. Human beings are ultimately defined by our choices. Yet each of us is on our own unique path in life. This path leads us to events in our life where we must make a choice. Think of these events as "defining moments". Now, the type of choice we will have to make during this defining moment (love or money, risk or security, etc...), has been predetermined according to our own unique path - nothing can change it. However, what we choose is completely up to us, and contributes to who we are.

So who decided this predetermined path that we are on, and what kinds of choices we will have to make? You did! Source, Spirit, whichever name you apply to God, dwells in you, as you. You cannot be separated from God, not even by time. Therefore, there has never been a time when you did not exist, and their never will be. When we realize this, our fears and insecurities melt away.

The following quote (which I believe is from A Course in Miracles - paraphrased) sums up this idea nicely...

"If you only knew who walked beside you, on this path that you yourself have chosen, you would never experience fear or doubt again."

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