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Guardian Angels, Spiritual Guides

When you are ready for spiritual growth, your energy fields tend to vibrate at a higher level. This higher energy attracts higher beings (guardian angels, spiritual guides, whatever you want to call them) to assist in this growth. And at these times you seem to experience more unusual phenomenon. You may be more sharply aware of things around you. You might see colors, lights or images where you wouldn't expect them. You might find that you have a sudden "knowledge" of things just before they happen, or "know" what people are going to say just before they say it. These events serve to open your eyes more to the spiritual world where you can get assistance from these higher beings. Although it's a little disconcerting (okay, sometimes it's scary!), it's not a situation that you need to worry about or analyze; you simply need to accept the experience as a sign of your spiritual growth and existence.

To pursue your spiritual or psychic development you can follow any basic meditation technique. I find that certain breathing exercises help me to focus during meditation. I usually take a slow deep breath for a count of five, hold that breath for a count of twenty and then release it slowly to the count of ten. Don't worry if you can't hold your breath for that long, the idea is to take a slow breath, allow the breath time to move oxygen into your blood system and then slowly release the breath. You can repeat the breathing exercise again if you need to. It's a good way to relax and clear your thoughts - thus allowing your spiritual center to open up.

While you are meditating, ask for guidance from your angels or guides in order to better understand what these visions and events might mean. Then relax and observe whatever images appear in your mind. These may not make sense to you in the beginning, but with time you will better understand what's happening. Your enlightenment will follow as the event has time to work its way into your subconscious mind. There were times when I had visions where it was days, weeks, or in one case, years before I understood the meaning of what I saw.

The most important thing to understand about all of this is that it's a fairly normal event. When these events occur just remain calm, observe the event, log it in your mind and give thanks for the experience. We are spiritual beings and as we grow, we become more aware of the spiritual aspect of our environment and the spiritual beings that are there to guide us on our path.

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