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Can one learn psychic abilities? The answer is that you can learn to develop them. Everyone has psychic abilities in some form or another. It's like singing - everyone can sing but some people sing better than others. Okay, some people sing MUCH better than others! The focus here is really on psychic development.

Here are a few basic concepts you can work with as you prepare to develop your psychic abilities...

1. Meditation. The body is made up of seven basic energy centers (sometimes called Chakras) starting from just below your navel and going up to the top of your head. The bottom three centers deal with the physical body, and the top ones deal with the spiritual body. When you start becoming aware of your psychic abilities you tend to start putting more energy into your top Chakras and this can put your energy fields out of balance. This is where Meditation comes in. Meditation is important because it allows your mind to open up without any active thought controls. As your abilities develop you will learn to trust the images that pop into your head while you are meditating. If you find the idea of meditating boring, just remember that meditation does not mean just sitting on the floor and gazing into a candle. Meditation is any state where you can relax your mind. I highly recommend physical or active meditation. It's important to keep your physical body active and grounded as you pursue psychic development. This happens when you do something physical - dance, exercise, walk, jog, etc. - that disengages your thought processes and lets your mind open up. The second benefit of physical meditation is that it is physical and helps keep your energy centers balanced. Balanced energy fields are key to gaining some control over the emotional side effects of pursuing psychic development and consequently gaining some control over your abilities.

2. Emotions. As you develop your psychic abilities, it is very common to start picking up on and reacting to the emotions of people around you, but thinking that these emotions are your own. These are false emotions in that they are not yours, but the residue of other people's emotions. By this I mean that you react emotionally to situations that wouldn't normally affect you. In order to begin to work with your abilities and have some semblance of control over your situation, you have to learn to recognize the emotions that are NOT yours and therefore do NOT require your reaction or participation. I know this sounds confusing but it really isn't that difficult to do. Whenever you feel an emotion you need to step back from it for a moment and decide whether what you are feeling has any direct connection to you personally, i.e. you are sad because you read a sad book or your pet is sick, or you are angry because the clerk in the store was rude or your friend was mean to you. These are all directly related to your own personal experience and are your emotions to feel and react to. However, if you feel emotions that you can't trace back to you, or to something that you experienced, then you need to recognize that these emotions may well be coming from someone else. Acknowledge these emotions and/or visions and then put them aside until you know how, where, or with whom to act on them. For example, you feel sad for no reason, therefore YOU are not sad but you are picking up sadness from someone else. Put the emotion aside, it is not yours! As your day or week or sometimes even month or year progresses, you will eventually come across the person or situation where that emotion came from. At that time you will be able to offer empathy or assistance based on the emotion your psychic abilities picked up on earlier.

3. Everyday Life. The important thing to remember is not to take yourself too seriously. To learn psychic abilities is like developing any talent, it adds to who you already are but it doesn't have to define who you are. If you spend all of your time fixating on it, ignoring other aspects of your personal development, you will inhibit your ability to use this talent to its fullest. As you continue to develop your abilities you will find that your psychic experiences create less of a shock in your everyday life. In other words, they will become more "normal" and with that, you will be able to tune into this energy more easily and access information when you need it. Meditate to allow your mind to open up, recognize your emotions from those around you and, most importantly, keep your balance.

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