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The 3 Basic Stages of Psychic Development

Stage 1: Those who have dabbled in developing the basic psychic ability that all of us are born with. They have played at runes, or Ouija boards or Tarot cards, read some books on the subject and perhaps had some interesting results developing one of the types of psychic abilities. Perhaps they start to incorporate a lot of New Age and esoteric vocabulary into their speech. There is nothing wrong with this - we all have to start somewhere - but unfortunately, many people at Stage 1 set up shop as "psychics".

Stage 2: Those who have grown past being titillated by parlor tricks, and have begun to realize their psychic development is just one step on their own unique spiritual path. Those at Stage 2 can often "read the field". This is a metaphor for seeing what is on a person's mind and simply relaying it back to them. In essence, the psychic is doing little more than telling someone what that person already knows. While this makes the psychic look good, it is not terribly useful to the person requesting the reading.

Stage 3: At the risk of lapsing into New Age-speak, a Stage 3 psychic has the ability to tap into truly "higher energy" and go beyond telling people what they already know. They might use Numerology or Tarot cards, but they don't need them. Tarot cards, for example, are not the source of a Stage 3's divination, but they still have great value to the psychic as a counseling tool. And at Stage 3, that's really what the talent is about: counseling others and giving them the insight they need to take the next step on their own spiritual journey. If a stage 3 has enough life experience, and is a good communicator, then they can become an authentic psychic counselor.

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