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Tarot Reading FAQ's

How does an e-mail reading work?

An email reading works the same way an in-person reading does. I meditate on the question while I draw the cards, then review the reading and interpret the results, finally I email the reading layout and the. Once you have the reading back you can email me again with any further questions you might have about that reading. A reading is usually designed to look at a major concern and any of the connected minor areas of concern as well.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

The type of readings I do look at more immediate concerns, than such issues as "what will my life be like in 10 years?" Depending on the question, readings usually concern events that take place over several months to a year. Readings can show areas that may need to be looked at more carefully, like health, money or relationship issues, or events that might not pan out as you had hoped for, as well as looking at areas when you can best expect to succeed. But time and the future are fluid constructs that can change as events unfold, so I am usually not able to see things (thankfully) like when someone will die.

What if I have another question?

I do a reading based on the specific questions asked for by the client. Sometimes when I send the reading back to the client and the client has time to read through it, they have questions pertaining to the reading's original question. For example, say they had a question about a relationship. Once they received the reading, they perhaps didn't understand a point or two, or wanted to look at a certain aspect of that reading in more detail, then they email me their follow-up question and I will consult the reading to answer that question in more detail. Sometimes clients won't have follow-up questions for days, weeks or (in some cases) even months after the original reading. There is no extra charge for this - it is part of the original reading fee. If they have an entirely different question, say they wanted to know about a missing heirloom, then that would require a new, separate reading.

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