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Five of Pentacles

Two unfortunate individuals wander in the snow, passing under a lighted church window. One is lame, the other is penniless - an unsual depiction for a Suit that usually symbolizes fortune. The fact that the pair are outside of a church can also symbolize a kind of spiritual poverty.

This card is about a "dark night of the soul", suffering and loss, or self-doubt, perhaps caused by spiritual impoverishment. You are in need of a spiritual transfusion - well-meaning advice and platitudes from others won't help. However, the suffering you are enduring creates compassion. You must be empty, before you can be filled with spiritual enlightenment.

You'll have more success concentrating on business right now, rather than romance. Keep a long-term perspective - you'll have to deal with uncomfortable issues, but in time it will have been for the best.

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Five of Pentacles


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