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Knight of Swords

A knight sits on a powerful horse, with a richly ornamented harness, amid a freshly-plowed field.

The sky is filled with storm clouds, while the winds bend the cypress trees. A mounted knight charges forward, sword drawn, as if into battle. The harness of his horse is decorated with birds and butterflies (symbols of the element of Air).

Knights represent motion and change. Whenever a Knight appears in a reading it means that long term conditions are going to come to an end. Someone or something is going to charge into your life and cause your present concerns to vanish, and you will be swept up into that powerful force or life-altering event.

This is a good time to embark on new projects, because you're likely to attract whatever you need in the way of assistance to complete those projects. As with all Court cards, it is also possible for a Knight to represent a person. In this case, the Knight of Swords can represent a man who is strong and brave as well as skillful and clever.

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Knight of Swords


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