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King of Pentacles

This king exudes all manner of wealth. His scepter shows his dominion over all. His robe is embroidered with grapes and vines. His castle lies in the distance.

The focus is on expansion, media, arts, communication, contacts with those in power or authority, and finishing old projects while starting new ones.

As with all Court cards, it is also possible for a King to represent a person. The astrological sign for the King of Pentacles is Gemini. This could indicate a banker, or captain of industry - a solid, steady man with great financial gifts. Other adjectives to describe this person might be: versatile, energetic, capable, alert, enterprising, curious, communicative, and diversified. This King may represent the vocations of: motion pictures, directing, lecturing, fashion, arts, radio, dealing with the public, and having two or more jobs at a time.

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King of Pentacles


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