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Page of Pentacles

A young person (male or female) finely dressed and bearing a Pentacle, who is about to make an announcement. Pentacles are associated with the element of Earth. This is why fertile ground appears in all the Court cards for the suit. Pentacles represent money and earthly possessions. This Page is careful and diligent.

Pages represent news. A new perspective and a new way of doing things are approaching. The focus is on scholastic matters, employment, status, romantic endeavors, practical idealism, and mental labor. Stop seeking, or expecting. If something is meant to be it will often come on its own. Be willing to listen, or act upon new ideas. You won't accept something that doesn't feel right, no matter how badly you may want it... and you won't give up until you have what you want.

As with all Court cards, it is also possible for a Page to represent a person. The astrological sign for the Page of Swords is Capricorn. A person with traits of studiousness, generosity, and kindness maybe indicated. Other adjectives to describe this person might be: persevering, conservative, ambitious, patient, practical, responsible, morbid, occasionally depressed, but never one to give up. This Page may represent the vocations of: chief executive, headwaiter, photographer, scholar, student, manager, producer or boss.

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Page of Pentacles


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