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Queen of Pentacles

A powerful woman whose domain is Fertility, is surrounded by symbols of abundance. Roses are above her throne, which is decorated by ripe fruit and a cherub, and a goat head forming one of the arms. A rabbit, yet another symbol of fertility, sits in the greenery beneath.

This card focuses on hopes and wishes, but also verification and results. Compassion and service, as well as finance and profit are included. There is also a warning here about too much dependence on others.

As with all Court cards, it is also possible for a Queen to represent a person. The astrological sign for the Queen of Pentacles is Aquarius. This is a woman who is intelligent, thoughtful, charitable and capable of creating in a number of ways... business, children and gardens. Other adjectives to describe this person might be: magnanimous, determined, opinionated, influential, sometimes impersonal, pragmatic, idealistic, and strongly affected by events over which she has no control. This Queen may represent the vocations of: environmentalist, psychologist, writer, inventor, painter, New Age guru, or minister.

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Queen of Pentacles


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