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The famous psychic, Linda Dalton. That has a nice ring to it. Now, I have written various articles and am fairly well-known within the psychic community, but does a certain level of fame on my part really matter to the person who needs a psychic reading?

I suppose it's simply a matter of perception. After all, it would seem perfectly logical that if a psychic is famous there must be a reason. That is, they must be talented if people have heard of them. Or is it simply that some psychics are better showmen, or perhaps have better publicists? The psychic community is a lot like other professions. For example, I've heard of Dr. Phil and think he's entertaining, but does that make him the best psychologist, or just a friend of Oprah Winfrey who knows how to perform for a crowd?

While the purpose of this article is certainly not to criticize famous psychics like John Edwards or Sylvia Browne, I would like to point out that there is a difference between psychic counseling and psychic entertainment. The public has a growing fascination with psychic phenomena and the paranormal. Note the interest in televison shows such as "Medium". Because of this interest, there are a growing number of people with impressive self-promotional abilities, but rather limited psychic abilities, who see this public fascination as a ticket to fame and fortune. Obviously, if you need a psychic reading, this kind of famous psychic is not what you're looking for.

So before you spend an outrageous amount of money on a reading from a "famous psychic", do your homework. A little research can go a long way.

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